Change your perspective.
Elevate your understanding.


Change your perspective.

Elevate your understanding.

Autodesk Workshop XR is an immersive design review workspace

It enables you to truly experience your buildings

and catch costly issues

long before breaking ground


Change your perspective.

Elevate your understanding.

Discover Workshop XR’s frictionless flow

Bring the whole AEC project team together in an immersive and dynamic workspace. Naturally inspect and scrutinize 3D models and problem-solve together—in real time.

Run more effective and efficient design reviews

It’s easy to achieve team alignment on even the most complex of design projects with our next-generation, collaborative design review workspace.

Be ready for reviews at a moment’s notice

There’s no prep required. Whether small or big, see your model load as soon as you launch your workshop.


Remove version control complications

Autodesk Docs provides a single source of truth, automatically syncing data with Revit, Navisworks, and Autodesk Workshop XR.

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See how Workshop XR is designed to support you

Our immersive and dynamic workspace has been built to enable collaboration across the entire project lifecycle, bringing together stakeholders from all over the world.

BIM Manager

Simplify project coordination

Optimize your design review process with a single source of truth for all project data. Rely on no-prep model loading capabilities to enable effortless collaboration.

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Showcase your designs

Present your vision to all stakeholders with immersive walkthroughs. By meeting inside your model, the team can truly understand your design. No imagination is required.

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Identify issues sooner

Bring all specialists together to prove the feasibility of a design. See your 3D model from a new angle to uncover issues that might otherwise be missed on screen.

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Learn how others are advancing with VR

Some of our valued customers have been with us from the start, seeing many iterations of The Wild or Prospect by Iris VR before trying Workshop XR. See how their processes have progressed with us.

AtkinsRéalis Discovers XR Workflow Benefits

AtkinsRéalis has been using virtual reality for its BIM and digital twin projects for some time. Now, they’re enjoying a more connected information exchange with Workshop XR.

Stantec Finds New Flow with XR

Stantec was quick to realize the value of VR, but it wasn’t without its flaws. Prepping models for reviews took hours, if not days, and issue tracking was far from intuitive—then the team started using Workshop XR. 


HKS Explores New XR Collaboration Opportunities

For HKS, VR has moved from experimental scenarios to more integrated parts of their workflow. With Workshop XR, they now see more opportunities to increase adoption throughout the firm.

Tour the dynamic, immersive workspace

Learn how easy it is for you and your team to get up to speed with all that Autodesk Workshop XR can do.

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Learn more about the workflow

See how Autodesk Workshop XR can elevate your design review
process and add value to the complete project lifecycle.

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The 3D models featured:

Claridges Level B04 model, courtesy of Kane
Boston, MA FBX model, courtesy of Geopipe

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