Transform your workflow

See how Autodesk Workshop XR can elevate your design review
process and add value to the complete project lifecycle.

Step 1: Connect

Link your workshop to Autodesk's common data environment

Say goodbye to importing files manually. With live data connectivity between Autodesk Construction Cloud and Workshop XR, setting up reviews is easy. Simply select the model you want to review and connect it to your workshop.


Step 2: Meet

Come together in a comfortable, virtual environment

Meet in a virtual workspace and run effective, efficient design reviews from anywhere in the world. Workshop XR delivers an engaging immersive experience which makes it easy to collaborate with your remote and hybrid colleagues.

Step 3: Explore

Experience your 3D models as a team

With our no-prep model loading capabilities you can stream in complex models directly from Autodesk Construction Cloud. Share your vision for the project and help others see it for themselves with an immersive walkthrough at 1:1 scale. Familiarize everyone with the space and make critical design decisions, together.


Step 4: Inspect

Analyze BIM data in context for better alignment

Focus the team’s attention on the specifics. Workshop XR is directly connected to Autodesk Construction Cloud so you also dig into the details of any component with up-to-date, accurate BIM data.


Step 5: Problem-solve

Find issues in the moment and troubleshoot together

By reviewing the models from a first-person perspective, the team will have a stronger spatial understanding and be able to catch—and resolve—issues sooner. You can document errors in real-time and these are automatically synced with Autodesk Docs.


Step 6: Iterate

Amend designs based on consolidated feedback

With data syncing between Workshop XR and Autodesk Docs, all of the issues will show up in your cloud-connected projects, waiting for you to take action.

Step 7: Build

Build, based on a model that’s
faced intense scrutiny

The benefits of this thorough design review process flow downstream—adding value to the full project lifecycle. With costly issues caught earlier, there’s less rework and projects become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

Unlock the Potential of XR in AEC

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