Where everyone’s aligned, and no one’s surprised

Enable more productive, collaborative, design reviews. Utilize our immersive workspace to bring together every stakeholder, and bridge that communication gap. Autodesk Workshop XR is the virtual workspace that brings you together with your colleagues and clients—no matter where they’re based.


Depend on a single source of truth

Keep all your project files in Autodesk Docs to ensure data consistency for the duration of a project. With live, bi-directional data streams, you’re always working with the latest and greatest.


Discover issues sooner

Catch the issues that could easily be overlooked in 2D design reviews. Run coordination reviews of 3D federated models and see how everything stacks together.


Optimize your processes

Onboard everyone on your team with ease, and get to unanimous design decisions, faster. Workshop XR will aid the adoption of better practices in no time.

Stantec Finds New Flow with XR

Stantec was quick to realize the value of VR, but it wasn’t without its flaws. Prepping models for reviews took hours, if not days, and issue tracking was far from intuitive—then the team started using Workshop XR. 


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