One seamless, shared experience

Our immersive workspace offers a seamless integration with the 3D file types that AEC professionals commonly work with. What’s more, as Autodesk Workshop XR is directly connected to Autodesk Construction Cloud, you’ll always have these project files at your fingertips.

Integrate Workshop XR into your workflow

Meet your team in the workspace and share an immersive, collaborative experience.

The VR experience

Move between the workshop view and 1:1 review of your model while staying within the immersive, untethered VR experience.

Supported VR headsets:

  • Meta Quest 2
  • Meta Quest 3
  • Meta Quest Pro

Choose your model

Connect it to
Workshop XR

Review it, together

Your window into connected project data

By storing everything in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), data is automatically synced. Whether you want to ensure you’re analyzing the latest iteration, or receiving real-time feedback, this direct connection between your project data and your workshop is made possible by ACC and the Console.


Start with BIM 360.
Advance with Autodesk Docs.

Autodesk Workshop XR will slot into your existing workflow—and inspire you to implement better practices. For established projects, your team will likely want to continue with BIM 360 for reviewing files. For upcoming projects, and for tracking issues, make the switch to Autodesk Docs and realize the full value of our design review software.

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