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From the workshop where your project team comes together, to the tools that make the in-model experience so intuitive, there’s lots to discover. Scroll on to familiarize yourself with all that Autodesk Workshop XR has to offer.


The Workshop

When everyone’s ready to begin, you’ll meet in a workshop and gather around the table where a scale model of your Navisworks or Revit file will load before your eyes. Have round-table discussions about the project as a whole, and can get your model to look exactly as you'd like it to on the table.

Wherever in the world they’re located, meet and greet your team inside the workshop. As they arrive, they’ll be able to customize their own avatars, so you can instantly recognize your colleagues.

Navigating the model from the workshop is natural and intuitive. Rotate, zoom in and out, and gain a holistic view of the design. Whatever the team is reviewing, your 3D model will aid the discussion.

Your team can get fully engaged in a design review sooner. Our innovative no-prep model-loading capabilities mean you can stream in models—small and large—and your reviews will be interruption-free.

The Model

As a team, you’ll be able to venture into your 3D model and review it in detail—with live access to all associated BIM data. Gain a spatial understanding of the design, identify areas for improvement, and discuss solutions right then and there.

Review designs from an immersive first-person perspective, at 1:1 scale—in VR. Essentially, walk around the building before it’s built.

The Console

Whether you’re in the model or reviewing it from the workshop, you’ll have access to the Console. Acting as a portal to all your live project files in the cloud-based data hub, Autodesk Docs.

As your workspace is directly connected to Autodesk Docs, you’ll always be reviewing the latest files.

With bi-directional data flow, issues will be synced directly to your projects—making sure they get assigned to the right person.


Now you can manually control which layers are visible at any given moment and systematically go through site, structure, services, interiors, and furnishings with the whole project team at 1:1 scale.


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