Your team likely already utilizes Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology for various devices within your organization, such as laptops or cell phones. So, you know how useful it can be to have a central management system for your tech—MDM helps with adding apps to devices, wiping devices when they’re being given to new employees, and configuring what the devices can and can’t be used for at a high level.

If your team is considering adding XR devices (such as VR headsets) to their day-to-day design workflow or is even looking to use XR less frequently for client presentations, our recommendation is to invest in an MDM solution.

MDMs add an additional layer of security in addition to a great deal of convenience, and if your organization is looking to scale over time, it’s probably not realistic for one person (such as a BIM Manager) to manually set up every headset for their AEC use case.

Let’s go through some of the different MDM options on the market, so you can make an informed decision about which one you want to utilize for your team.

Meta Quest for Business

Meta Quest for Business is Meta’s new offering within the Device Management sphere. We see it quickly becoming an industry standard as more companies adopt Meta headsets and software. Currently, Meta Quest for Business is our top recommendation for managing Meta Quest headsets. Meta offers essential features for Enterprise teams like user, device and custom app management, and premium customer support. It features 2FA and SSO options through several providers, and is available for Meta Quest Pro, Quest 2, and Quest 3.

Meta provides enterprise-grade safety and security features such as providing secure access with a single account, created and managed in an Admin Center.

Meta Quest for Business pricing starts at $15/device/month.


ManageXR is another option for an XR MDM, allowing teams to distribute content, customize user experiences, and troubleshoot from a distance, all with advanced security permissions and controls.

ManageXR also enables kiosk mode on XR headsets, giving teams the option to create a custom home screen for a focused and more secure experience.

With $7 and $10 per seat options, ManageXR streamlines the deployment process by integrating with global tech reseller partners, including SHI.


ArborXR is another option for an XR MDM that enables teams to remotely manage XR headsets, deploy content, and control what users see in the headsets.

ArborXR allows IT teams to lock down devices and guide users with a customized experience, which can be highly useful with headsets that many users may not be used to nor comfortable with.

It also offers remote view and kiosk mode, with $7, $10, and $14 per seat pricing models depending on team size.

VMWare Project VXR

VMWare Project VXR is VMWare’s MDM application for XR headsets.

The benefit of Project VXR is that it Integrates with existing device, application and access management solutions (such as VMware Workspace ONE), across the most popular AR/VR devices.

With features such as remote rendering, single sign on, application access, customized user experience, device and application management, Project VXR can be a good choice for teams who are already utilizing VMWare’s software for other devices.

VIVE Business Device Management System

Vive Business Device Management System is an MDM option for HTC Vive headsets.

The software allows IT teams to install, update, and assign content on Vive headsets, as well as track, measure, and optimize device performance.

With this software, teams can manage by user account, content or device to optimize efficiency; the MDM also comes with enterprise-tier support and tech services.

As this software is only compatible with HTC Vive headsets, it’s currently recommended for teams that have already decided on Vive for their tech purchases.

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As you can see, various options are available for an XR MDM solution, and different options are preferable depending on what kind of setup your team has invested in and which headsets you are using.

Our top recommendation is Meta Quest for Business, but others (such as ArborXR or ManageXR) could be good choices for your organization, depending on your team’s situation. We’re always happy to help advise on these decisions—feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you may have.